Ergo Phizmiz
Cold Collation

Publication date: December 2014
ISBN: 9781937027285
Price: $10

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"Cold Collation is a buffet made from the detritus of my studio. Collages, assemblages, paintings, found objects, dirt, music scores, bodily fluids, lyric sheets, modified vinyl records, radioplay texts, and libretti are juxtaposed and throw each other into relief, like melba toast next to trifle, sliced chicken flanking a fairy-cake. Throwing the workshop into the air, like Alice’s playing-cards, and seeing how the pieces party." –E.P.

"He’s like the grandma-gobbling wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, swallowing down the entire world, all the better to heave it back up in your face" –The Wire Magazine

Ergo Phizmiz is a composer, writer, collagist, theatre-maker, songwriter, radio-producer, filmmaker, and fancy footworker. Opera and theatre pieces by Ergo Phizmiz have been presented across the UK and Europe, and as a solo performer Ergo has been performing and recording regularly for the last ten years. On radio, Ergo's work has been described as "raising the benchmark of live radio" (Funkkorrespondenz), as well as winning awards at the Deutsche Akademie der Darstellenden Kunst and the Prix Italia. In the strange hinterland of the Internet, he is working on creating a black hole, or abyss, of music, with over 500 pieces of music, radio-art, or sound-designs on the Free Music Archive. He is hoping to make the Internet cave in, if he can manage not to get run over by a car or something similar, while this abyss has so far been used to score over 2,000 videos on Youtube. And over the bridge there yonder, in soundtracks to film and television, Ergo has produced soundtracks for Christian Marclay, Vicki Bennett, Frankie Boyle, and most recently the score to Lloyd Handwerker's Famous Nathan. He is currently England's best-dressed hobo, sometimes wears a moustache, and likes long socks. Author site: