Canner MEFE
Farmer Strives to Preserve Old Ways

Publication date: September 2013
ISBN: 9781937027278
Price: $10

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"The station was a wreckish modular anchored to a jelly pool eatery. I ate fried scribbers on the balcony and made my way to the ship. Waiting in line, I’m Still Alive by E.G. played on the loudspeakers incessantly. The flight did not go well. I ate an IC bar and immediately got the ache from the steroids. I couldn’t stand it. I tried wrapping my hooks around my body but it did not help. I went to the facilities and stared at myself in the mirror, inspecting for skin ripples and hair patches in hopes of a distraction but it did not help. In despair, I went to a payper. Sitting stubbornly refusing to think about the pain, I grabbed a shell share with Dex Wesh who fantasized a complex scenario with the first mixed race Slapface team to win the global championship on Missinctit 10. Their ‘melting pot’ motto was very racy and I really tried to enjoy myself." –C.M.

Canner MEFE creates works that explore futuristic science fiction narratives, imaginary worlds, and the evolving universe using a variety of multi-media including drawing, painting, video, sound, sculpture, and robotics. In addition to winning gold, silver, and bronze medals for her work with Team Virobots at RoboGames (Robot Olympics), MEFE's art work has been featured in Artforum, the UK Guardian, Vice magazine, and on CNET. Her artwork can be found in collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Hammer Museum, and Paris's Jeu de Paume. MEFE is also a founding member of the sound art groups 0th and Zeek Sheck. Author site: