Jon Leon
Elizabeth Zoë Lindsay Drink Fanta

Published: July 2011
ISBN: 9781933254906 
Price: $10

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"I woke up. I wanted to write a piece called ‘Death of the Model.’ I wanted to talk about ‘the demented power of the lights,’ how literature is evil, the end of my ‘career’, the end of the artists editions, my conceptual death, my simulation of life, my meltdown in print and on tape, my public facade, my disappearance from Los Angeles, my disappearance from the Atlanta scene, my disappearance from New York in the holiday of 2009. My resolution to ‘end this shit’ in 2010. To kill off the poems. To seek an unmediated communion with my audience." –J.L.

"The book is anything but a commentary on celebrity culture or a polemic against the culture industry — but as a factual index of the total poverty of everyday life." –Jacket2

"It is something that you look at and then it sort of seeps in and you are compelled to look at it over and over again." –Jamie Sterns

Author introduction
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Jon Leon is an American writer, artist, and publisher. He is the author of The Malady of the Century (Futurepoem, 2012), The Hot Tub (Mal-O-Mar Editions, 2009), Hit Wave (Kitchen Press, 2008), Alexandra (Cosa Nostra Editions, 2008), and The Artists Editions: 2006-2010, which include highly sought-after limited editions like Right Now the Music and the Life Rule and Drain You among others. His vignettes and criticism appear widely in periodicals such as FENCE, Soft Targets, East of Borneo, Novembre, and Art in America. In 2010, he served as creative director at the boutique publishing house Wrath of Dynasty.